Buford - Teachers

Grades 1-2

Teacher: Jennie Ortega
Grade Level: 1st-2nd Grade
Subject: Humanities
Education: Augusta College, University of Georgia, Temple University
Church Name: Old Peachtree Presbyterian Church
Why I love teaching: As a child I always loved school and wanted to bea teacher when I grew up. God brought me to Veritas as a 1st/2nd gradeteacher in 2006, and three of our sons attended Veritas through 2014.I returned in 2023 and especially appreciate the homeschool/Christianschool balance, the prayerful leadership of Dave and Bev Kinsey, andthe excellent curriculum. Mathew 19:14 “Let the little children cometo me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs tosuch as these.” It is a deep honor and privilege to partner withparents in raising their children to love and follow Jesus.

Grades 3-4 / 7-8 Science

Teacher: Ashley Deighton
Grade Level: 4th Grade / 7-8 Science
Subject(s): Humanities / Science
Education: University of Alabama
Church Name: Old Peachtree Presbyterian Church
Why I love teaching: I love working with children and teaching students how to love learning. 

Grades 5-6 Humanities

Teacher: Renae Reese 
Grade Level: 5th & 6th 
Subject(s): Humanities / Science
Education:  Toccoa Falls College
Church Name: Christ Church in Suwanee
Why I love teaching: I teach because I love the group and one-on-one interaction with students.  I love to find creative, out-of-the-box ways for students to learn and I love to see their eyes light up with the realization that they own that knowledge.

Grades 7-8

Teacher: Landon Glenn
Grade Level: 7-8
Subject(s): History, Bible, and Logic 
Education: The King's College
Church Name: Grace Church at Town Center
Why I love teaching: There is an incredible degree of useful knowledge densely packed in the sprawling collections of Humanities. I love teaching humanities because students approach the same historical text from different perspectives, requiring a collective effort from all students to best understand. Most importantly, the complexities of humanities reveals a divinely inspired narrative constantly reaffirming its purposeful creation and begging to be explored.

Grades 7-12

Teacher: Gina Weinmann
Grade Level: 7th-8th / High School
Subject(s): English
Education:  Georgia State
Church Name: Providence
Why I love teaching: I initially became a teacher because I loved the subject matter.  I still love the content, but I’ve learned over the years that I teach students first.   The mechanism I use is the study of English. I sincerely enjoy being with young people and helping them understand the relevance of what they are studying in relation to God, others, and themselves. My ultimate goal is to help them do what they were created to do: glorify God (Isa. 43:7, 1 Cor. 10:31).

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Jason David
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Bible, History, Rhetoric / AP History
Education: Florida State University
Church Name: Roswell Community 
Why I love teaching: Having become a Christian as an adult, I have a deep passion concerning the need for people - especially young people - to understand the larger context of their lives in hope that they take hold of their faith. My desire is to empower, challenge, and shepherd these young people - through the lens of various subjects - to seek for the knowledge of God and discern what part he has for them in this incredible Story of Redemption.

High School Science

Grade Level: High school 
Subject(s): Physical Science
Church Name: 
Why I love teaching: