Alpharetta - Humanities Teachers


Teacher: Beth Brown
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  The University of Tennessee
Church Name: Mercy Hill Church, Kennesaw
Why I love teaching: God has gifted me to teach and it is a joy to use my gifts to help students understand more about God and his creation.  To be able to partner with parents and witness students grasp new truths and grow emotionally and spiritually both encourages me and challenges me to become a better teacher.

Grade 1

Teacher: Michele Crooks
Grade Level: 1st grade
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  Taylor University
Church Name: Midway Presbyterian Church
Why I love teaching: I believe that I was called to teach children while attending a private Christian school in Ohio. This call has been confirmed in many different areas of my life – family, friends, church and neighborhood.  Whether babysitting, leading Bible school or teaching in the classroom, I love having an opportunity to watch children change and grow.

Grade 2

Teacher: Mavian Arocha-Rowe
Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Subject(s): Humanities
Education: Florida International University
Church Name: First Baptist Woodstock
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to share God’s love, Truth, and help build the gift of the mind. One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is partnering with parents in what matters most: eternity. Teaching also provides me the accountability to be a forever-learner, plus I love celebrating the “aha moments” with my students, when knowledge and skills come together. 

I believe by applying biblical worldview to academics, the ultimate questions are met with the ultimate answers. While the world looks to encourage based on earthly success—which is ultimately fleeting—I teach with my God-given passion and encourage students to live eternally purposeful.

Grade 3

Teacher: Terry Thompson 
Grade Level: 3rd
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  Florida State University
Church Name: Faith Community Church, Woodstock
Why I love teaching: I love children, and I particularly enjoy fostering their God-given hunger to learn.

Grade 4

Teacher: Ashley Deighton
Grade Level: 4th Grade
Subject(s): Humanities 
Church Name: 
Why I love teaching: 

Grade 5

Teacher: Sheila Cash 
Grade Level: 5
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  University of Alabama
Church Name: Hickory Road Baptist
Why I love teaching: I enjoy teaching and seeing the students get excited about what they learn. It is a privilege to teach in a Christian environment and build relationship with the student and parents.

Grade 6

Teacher: Jamie Mehaffey
Grade Level:  6th Grade
Subject(s):  Humanities
Education: Biola University
Church Name: First Baptist Woodstock-- Shallowford
Why I love teaching: I love watching the students fall in love with life, education, and God. I like the conversation and interaction that education creates, and more than anything, I love learning from the students!

Grades 7-8

Teacher: Jenna Cavin 
Grade Level: 7th & 8th
Subject(s): English
Education:  Auburn University
Church Name: Cherokee Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: I am passionate about teaching and my primary focus is to challenge students to think critically through a Christian worldveiw, articulate their ideas logically, and gain an appreciation for literature.  More importantly, I want to invest in children’s lives and ultimately point them toward Christ.

Grades 7-8

Teacher: Sally Alexander
Grade Level: 7th and 8th Grade
Subject(s):  History, Bible, and Logic
Education: B.B.A. in Economics from The University of Georgia and Master’s of Education in Social Studies from Georgia State University. 
Church Name: Northpoint Community Church
Why I love teaching: I love inspiring students to see connections between their own lives and the larger world around them. Students have such unique ways of learning and I enjoy the challenge of working with a variety of personalities and learning styles to encourage students in their personal, academic, and spiritual growth. 

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Jennie Jones
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): 7-8 History, Bible, Logic / High School U.S. History
Education: M.A. in American Studies from the University of Dallas; B.A.S. in Project Management from Northwest Florida State College
Church Name: As I am new to the area, I am still considering various churches including Grace Community in Marietta and others.
Why I love teaching: During my graduate studies, I greatly appreciated learning about the importance of studying and analyzing primary sources to better understand our country’s history and its foundational principles. I am looking forward to helping students make connections between the Bible and every subject I teach. This knowledge should help parents train up their children to be good witnesses for Christ and glorify God in all areas of thought and life.

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Anna Wells 
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): English
Education:  University of Georgia
Church Name: Perimeter Church
Why I love teaching: I teach because it’s fun! I love helping develop the minds and hearts of students into lifelong learners who think critically.

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Sondra Sparks 
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): English
Education:  University of California
Church Name: Genesis Bible Church in Dunwoody
Why I love teaching: I love teaching! I love to see the faces of students when something they have learned finally makes sense. I love to see vast improvement in student’s writing papers. I love to have fun with the students in learning. I also love to be able to share my faith with the students.

Grades 7-8 / 11-12 - AP English

Teacher:  April Murphy
Grade Level: 7-8 Grades / High School
Subject(s) 7-8 English / AP English
Education: Memphis State University, B.A.; University of Memphis, M.A.T.
Church Name: Living Hope 
Why I love teaching: Teaching repeatedly reminds me of the depths of the Christian faith—our connectedness to God, to the Word, and to each other.  We embody our faith in
profound ways when we gather together and learn.

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Jason David
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): History, Bible, Rhetoric, AP Psychology, AP U.S. History
Education: Florida State University
Church Name: Roswell Community Church
Why I love teaching: Having become a Christian as an adult, I have a deep passion concerning the need for people - especially young people - to understand the larger context of their lives in hopes that they take hold of their faith. My desire is to empower, challenge, and shepherd these young people - through the lens of various subjects - to seek for the knowledge of God and discern what part he has for them in this incredible Story of Redemption.