Alpharetta - Math/Science/Elective Teachers


Teacher: Linda Salter 
Grade Level: 1st & 3rd
Subject(s): Math
Education:  Mercer University and University of Georgia
Church Name: Mount Pisgah UMC
Why I love teaching: I have known I wanted to be a teacher since I was eight years old and the Lord blessed me with a gift to reach others.  The joy in a young person’s eyes when they express that ‘Aha’ moment is priceless.


Teacher: Sherry Haynes
Grade Level: 2nd and 4th / High School
Subject(s):  Math, Geometry, Algebra II
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
      Master of Business Administration, University of Dallas
Church Name: Piedmont Church, Marietta, GA
Why I love teaching: I am constantly amazed at the beauty, complexity, and order that God has placed in our world and want to share that with students.  My desire is for God to use me to help prepare students with  the knowledge base and skills to be successful in whatever God calls them to – both now and in the future.


Teacher: Bob Edwards 
Grade Level: 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, High School
Subject(s): Math, Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus
Education:  Rutgers University
Church Name: East Cobb Presbyterian
Why I love teaching: I believe that God desires us to learn about all his creation whether that involves the beauty of language, the history of what God has been doing in this world since its beginning, the mathematical and scientific principles He developed, or anything else. It is a great privilege to teach young people and help them in their life-long study of God’s creation. When one of my students begins to grasp a new (to them) concept, it energizes me and gives me great joy.


Teacher: Teena Hogue
Grade Level: 7th 
Subject(s): Math 
Education: Wright State University, B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Church Name: Midway Community Church
Why I love teaching: I love seeing the children’s faces as they gain knowledge and a new understanding of God’s handiwork in the world around them.


Teacher: Henry Bartlett
Grade Level: 7-8 Grades 
Subject(s): 7th Grade Math, Pre Algebra
Education:  B.A in Economics (UCSC), Mathematics Teaching Certificate (Bethany Bible College)
Church Name: East Cobb Presbyterian
Why I love teaching: I am a teacher/coach. It's what I was gifted to do. I certainly didn't know it growing up, though, as I was quite aimless in my pursuits. However, in my first day of teaching, before I had any education classes, it just felt so, well, comfortable and right. Since then (1988), I've been teaching math and/or coaching baseball to middle school and high school youth. I have been blessed to have been around some fabulous teachers during my 17 years as a teacher, and many of them have helped me grow as an educator. I enjoy seeing students learn, be successful, engage, and mature as people. While much of my time has been in the public school system, I've always been upfront about my faith. I enjoy interacting with students about deep but simple truths, whether they be spiritual or mathematical. My simple goal will be to have your student better educated and better prepared mathematically and spiritually for their next challenge.

Math & High School Science

Teacher: Mike Jones 
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Calculus and Physics
Education:  Georgia Tech and University of North Carolina
Church Name: Peachtree Corners Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: Teaching is the ministry that God has gifted me for and called me into.


Teacher: Beth Brown
Grade Level:  1st & 2nd 
Subject(s): Science
Education: The University of Tennessee
Church Name:  Mercy Hill Church, Kennesaw
Why I love teaching: God has gifted me to teach and it is a joy to use my gifts to help students understand more about God and his creation.  To be able to partner with parents and witness students grasp new truths and grow emotionally and spiritually both encourages me and challenges me to become a better teacher.


Teacher: Ashley Murray
Grade Level: 3rd and 4th
Subject(s): Science
Education: Auburn University
Church Name: Peachtree Corners Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: I discovered my love of teaching when I became a mother! I realized then that to explore and introduce my children to God’s great creation came very naturally to me. When I see a child’s face light up after understanding something new, it gives me absolute joy! I am a lifelong learner, and it is my passion to learn alongside my children and my students.


Teacher:  Robin Dover
Grade Level: 5th, 6th, 7th
Subject(s): Science
Education: University of West Georgia
Church Name: Fellowship Christian Church
Why I love teaching:  I love teaching because my students keep me young!  I cherish the time I spend with them and have a passion to teach each student that learning is a gift from God.

Science and Math

Teacher: Kristen Robbins
Grade Level: 7-12
Subject(s): Biology and 7th Grade Life Science
Education:  University of Minnesota –Duluth, MA in Curriculum and Instruction from La Sierra University 
Church Name: Hickory Road Baptist Church
Why I love teaching:  I am humbled to be used by God as an instrument to spread His message to the students with the goal of drawing them to Him.  Learning about God through studying His Creation is an exciting journey that I am excited to share with my students.

Middle and High School Science

Teacher: Allison Haney
Grade Level:  High School / 8th grade science
Subject(s):  Forensic Science, Life Science
Education:  BS in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and currently pursuing a graduate degree in Forensic Science from the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy.

Church Name:  Browns Bridge Community Church
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because I can encourage children to dream and give them the knowledge, tools, and confidence to pursue their dreams. I enjoy finding new and creative ways to make learning fun and enjoy teaching topics using different hands-on methods. I absolutely love the freedom of homeschooling and the ability to create engaging lessons that ultimately make learning fun and exciting for the student. I love encouraging children to think independently so that they can learn to see things from different angles.

Middle and High School Science

Name: Kimberly Sassone 
Grade Level: High school 
Subject(s): Physical Science and Chemistry
Education: University of North Georgia 
Church Name: Piedmont Church 
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because every day is different. I consider myself a life long learner, and I want share the joy of learning about God's wonderful creation with others. 

High School Science

Teacher: Deana Menikoff
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Anatomy and Physiology, Health, PE
Education: Universtiy of Oregon, Howard University
Church Name: Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: I believe we should be good stewards of the mind God has given to us so that as we learn a variety of subjects, we learn better who God is as the creator of all knowledge. As we learn through a Christian worldview, we also will be more prepared to engage in a secular environment. Any part I can have in helping equip students in this endeavor is a privilege.

AP Psychology

Teacher: Jason David
Grade Level: 9-12 grades
Subject(s):   AP Psychology
Education: Florida State University
Church Name: Roswell Community Church
Why I love teaching: Having become a Christian as an adult, I have a deep passion concerning the need for people - especially young people - to understand the larger context of their lives in hopes that they take hold of their faith. My desire is to empower, challenge, and shepherd these young people - through the lens of various subjects - to seek for the knowledge of God and discern what part he has for them in this incredible Story of Redemption.


Teacher: Mrs. Hall
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Spanish I, Spanish II
Church Name:
Why I love teaching: 


Teacher: Angela Lepkofker
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Latin I and Latin II
Education: Furman University, Univ. of Texas (Austin) 
Church Name: Roswell United Methodist Church
Why I love teaching: I love that moment the lightbulb goes on and a student feels such achieve-ment when grasping/mastering challenging concepts. I love inspiring students to be lifelong learners, creating innovative ways to make difficult subjects fun, and developing relationships with students.