Grades 1-2

Teacher: Katie Pearce
Grade Level: 1st and 2nd Grade
Subject(s): Humanities
Education: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Church Name: Grace Fellowship of South Forsyth
Why I love teaching: I love teaching, because I love learning! Learning should never stop,
and I want to instill a thirst and hunger for learning in the next generation in the light of
God’s Truth. I want to help these young minds connect their world with God’s Truth in a
real and practical way.

Grades 3-4

Teacher: Stephanie Austin
Grade Level: 3-4 Humanities 
Subject(s): Humanities 
Education: Clayton State University, Grand Canyon University
Church Name: Corinth Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: It’s a great pleasure to impart to kids the life experiences I’ve had and the spiritual lessons the Scriptures have taught me. It is my great hope that in taking time to invest in children through education, I can do some small part to make our community, our state, and our nation more Christ-like.

Grades 5-6

Teacher: Trez Dabbs 
Grade Level: 5th & 6th
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  Georgia State University
Church Name: Church of the Redeemer in Sandy Springs
Why I love teaching: Why I teach the Humanities is best summed up by C.S. Lewis when he said, “Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides…” And history, well, it is the story of the world!

Grades 7-8 - History/Bible/Logic

Teacher: John M. Lewis
Grade Level:  7th and 8th Grade
Subject(s): Bible, History, Logic
Education: Ph.D. in Theology with an emphasis in Church History, M.Div. in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Biblical Languages, B.S. in Marketing
Church Name: FBC Cumming, GA
Why I love teaching: What is there not to love? Teachers are given an opportunity to help students advance to the next step in their future education and adventures. Teachers get paid to read and study and inspire others to do the same. It also serves as a good excuse for drinking copious amounts of coffee. 

Grades 7-8 English

Teacher: Erin Kadzis 
Grade Level: Middle School
Subject(s): English
Education:  Berry College
Church Name: Dunwoody Baptist
Why I love teaching: I consider it a privilege and a calling to teacher students. It is truly a blessing to work alongside them as they grow and develop throughout the school year.

Grades 9-12 English

Teacher: Paula Carpenter
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): English
Education: Chapman University, Centre College
Church Name: Woodstock Church Jasper
Why I love teaching: Being able to teach is a blessing and a joy. I love teaching because I love to see others learn and to learn. 

Grades 9-12 - History/Bible/Rhetoric

Teacher: Steve Heimler 
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): History, Bible, Rhetoric, AP History
Education:  University of Georgia
Church Name: Roswell Community Church           
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because I love learning: teaching, to me, feels like the fullest consummation of learning.  I also love teaching because I love to accompany people through life, to offer what I‘ve been given in service of our mutual growth into the image of Christ.

AP English (online)

Teacher: Kristine Macauley
Grade Level: AP English Literature
Subject(s): English
Education: Hofstra University-- MBA Mangement/Curriculum Devleopment, BBA Marketing, Speech  Arts Minor
Church Name: Christ the King Lutheran
Why I love teaching: I LOVE seeing the light of knowledge light in the eyes of others. From there, I love watching that light spark a fire within them and take them to places I could never imagine for them!


Teacher: Linda Salter 
Subject(s): 3rd grade math, Pre Algebra
Education:  Mercer University and University of Georgia
Church Name: Mount Pisgah UMC
Why I love teaching: I have known I wanted to be a teacher since I was eight years old and the Lord blessed me with a gift to reach others.  The joy in a young person’s eyes when they express that ‘Aha’ moment is priceless.

Math and Science

Teacher: Shannon Holthaus
Grade Level: 3rd / 4th 
Subject(s): 4th grade math / 3rd-4th science
Education: Emory University
Church Name: First Redeemer Church 
Why I love teaching: I love the chance to share the good news of Jesus with all my students, after that I love teaching them about His creation through science and math. I love to learn myself and when I can share that passion with my students and get them excited about learning, then that is the greatest reward of all. 

Math and Science

Teacher: Lisa Runion
Grade Level: 5th & 6th
Subject(s): 5th grade math and 5th/6th science
Education: North Georgia College & State University, Piedmont College
Church Name: Browns Bridge Church
Why I love teaching: For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. I have been teaching since 2002 and cannot imagine a career in anything else. I love working with students and helping them discover a love of learning. Fifth and sixth grades are my most favorite grades to teach. I enjoy getting to know students for who they truly are. I enjoy seeing them grow, change, and mature. Teaching is a gift from God for me, and I am so very blessed to be a part of Veritas. I look forward to a wonderful year with all of you!

Grades 6-12 / Math and Science

Teacher: Susan Rivers
Grade Level: High School, 6th Grade
Subject(s): Biology, Math
Education: California University of PA
Church Name: North Lanier Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: Getting the privilege to work with and encourage students to learn about the complexity and brilliance of our Creator through science and math is very rewarding. Getting to see that “So that’s why that happens” look on the students’ faces is also very cool. Teaching also allows me to keep learning!

Grades 7-12 / Math and Science

Teacher: Sherry Haynes
Grade Level: 7th & 8th / High School
Subject(s): Middle School Life Science and High School Geometry
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
      Master of Business Administration, University of Dallas
Church Name: Piedmont Church, Marietta, GA
Why I love teaching: I am constantly amazed at the beauty, complexity, and order that God has placed in our world and want to share that with students.  My desire is for God to use me to help prepare students with  the knowledge base and skills to be successful in whatever God calls them to – both now and in the future.

High School Science

Name: Kimberly Sassone 
Grade Level: High school 
Subject(s): Physical Science and Chemistry
Education: University of North Georgia 
Church Name: Piedmont Church 
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because every day is different. I consider myself a life long learner, and I want share the joy of learning about God's wonderful creation with others. 


Teacher: Henry Bartlett
Grade Level: 7th / High School
Subject(s): 7th Grade Math / Geometry
Education:  B.A in Economics (UCSC), Mathematics Teaching Certificate (Bethany Bible College)
Church Name: East Cobb Presbyterian
Why I love teaching: I am a teacher/coach. It's what I was gifted to do. I certainly didn't know it growing up, though, as I was quite aimless in my pursuits. However, in my first day of teaching, before I had any education classes, it just felt so, well, comfortable and right. Since then (1988), I've been teaching math and/or coaching baseball to middle school and high school youth. I have been blessed to have been around some fabulous teachers during my 17 years as a teacher, and many of them have helped me grow as an educator. I enjoy seeing students learn, be successful, engage, and mature as people. While much of my time has been in the public school system, I've always been upfront about my faith. I enjoy interacting with students about deep but simple truths, whether they be spiritual or mathematical. My simple goal will be to have your student better educated and better prepared mathematically and spiritually for their next challenge.

High School Math

Teacher: Bob Edwards 
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Algebra I, PreCalculus
Education:  Rutgers University
Church Name: East Cobb Presbyterian
Why I love teaching: I believe that God desires us to learn about all his creation whether that involves the beauty of language, the history of what God has been doing in this world since its beginning, the mathematical and scientific principles He developed, or anything else. It is a great privilege to teach young people and help them in their life-long study of God’s creation. When one of my students begins to grasp a new (to them) concept, it energizes me and gives me great joy.


Teacher: Ivey Hewitt
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Spanish I, Spanish II
Church Name:Birmingham United Methodist Church
Why I love teaching: I enjoy teaching because I adore children, and I want to invest in our future generation. Sharing my love for the Spanish language and culture in a Christian environment is truly a joy!  It is so rewarding to watch children grow academically and spiritually.