Sugarloaf - Teachers

Grades 1-2

Teacher: Christy Traylor         
Grade Level: 1st/2nd
Subject(s): Humanities
Education: Georgia State University
Church Name: Lakeland Baptist
Why I love teaching: I absolutely love growing in wisdom and knowledge and I am so blessed that God keeps me in a position to cultivate that love in others. I enjoy teaching because I enjoy watching God do amazing things in my students as they learn, and in me as I learn and grow along with them!

Grades 3-4

Teacher: Debbie Oglesby 
Grade Level: 3rd-4th Humanities / 3-5 Science
Subject(s): Humanities / Zoology
Education:  Toccoa Falls College
Church Name: 12 Stone Church
Why I love teaching: I personally love to learn and love to see the light bulb come on for students when they have grasped a new concept. To see students engage in and enjoying learning is a blessing to see unfold. I am thankful to be able to be a part of this process.

Grades 5-6

Teacher: Renae Reese 
Grade Level: 5th & 6th
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  Toccoa Falls College
Church Name: Christ Church in Suwanee
Why I love teaching: I teach because I love the group and one-on-one interaction with students.  I love to find creative, out-of-the-box ways for students to learn and I love to see their eyes light up with the realization that they own that knowledge.

Grades 7-8 Humanities / 6-8 Science

Teacher: Stephanie Montero 
Grade Level: Middle School
Subject(s): Humanities / Earth Science
Education:  Florida Atlantic University
Church Name: North Atlanta Church of Christ
Why I love teaching: I have, at one time or another, done just about every type of work available including running a doctor’s office, accounting, auto mechanic, tree cutting, and yes, ditch digging. I never wanted to do anything else but teach, and all that I have experienced has proven that I was right. There is nothing like the look in a student’s eyes when they learn something new.

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Kathy Dietz 
Grade Level: High School
Subject(s): Humanities – English and History
Education:  Mercer University
Church Name: Sugarloaf Community Church
Why I love teaching: I teach because I love young people! I enjoy seeing them wrestle with ideas and learn how to express their thoughts after that wrestling process. Those ‘light bulb’ moments in the classroom, when students reach a profound conclusion about a topic of discussion, are rewarding to me. As a Christian teacher, I also love to train students to examine literary themes, historical patterns, cultural trends, etc. in light of biblical truth.