Dunwoody - Teachers

Grades 1-2

Teacher: Crystal Locke                     
Grade Level: 1st and 2nd      
Subject(s): Humanities
Church Name: The Factory Church, Woodstock
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because I love those light bulb moments the kids have.  I love watching them grasp an idea or learn something new.  It is fun because I get to discover the wonder of learning all over again while teaching them.  It is a passion of mine to teach children to love learning so they can be life long learners.

Grades 3-4

Teacher: Stephanie Austin
Grade Level: 3rd & 4th
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  B.B.A from Clayton State University; Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University
Church Name:
Why I love teaching: It’s a great pleasure to impart to kids the life experiences I’ve had, and the spiritual lessons the scriptures have taught me.  It is my great hope that in taking time to invest in children through education, I can do some small part to make our community, our state, and our nation more Christ-like. 

Grades 5-6

Teacher: Beth Scarbrough
Grade Level: 5th/6th
Subject(s): Humanities
Education:  Auburn University
Church Name: Chamblee First United Methodist Church
Why I love teaching: I love teaching because I enjoy guiding students in making connections. Those connections are made academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. It is a great joy and honor to partner with parents and students for part of their educational journey, and my prayer is that students’ time in my class will be filled with new discoveries of their world, of themselves, and of God’s great love for us.

Grades 7-8

Teacher: Jason David
Grade Level: 7th and 8th Grade
Subject(s):   English
Education: Florida State University
Church Name: Roswell Community Church
Why I love teaching: Having become a Christian as an adult, I have a deep passion concerning the need for people - especially young people - to understand the larger context of their lives in hopes that they take hold of their faith. My desire is to empower, challenge, and shepherd these young people - through the lens of various subjects - to seek for the knowledge of God and discern what part he has for them in this incredible Story of Redemption.

Grades 7-8

Teacher: John M. Lewis
Grade Level:  7th and 8th Grade
Subject(s): Bible, History, Logic
Education: Ph.D. in Theology with an emphasis in Church History, M.Div. in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Biblical Languages,B.S. in Marketing
Church Name: FBC Cumming, GA
Why I love teaching: What is there not to love? Teachers are given an opportunity to help students advance to the next step in their future education and adventures. Teachers get paid to read and study and inspire others to do the same. It also serves as a good excuse for drinking copious amounts of coffee.