Chattanooga Teachers

Grade 1 Humanities / Math / Science

Teacher:  Mindy Henley
Grade Level: 1st / 1st-2nd Science
Subject(s): Humanities / Science
Education: Middle Tennessee State University 
Church: Red Bank Baptist
Why I love to teach: I love to teach because I love to be involved in making learning fun! Being involved in the learning process and seeing each child's excitement in learning brings my heart joy!

Grade 2 Humanities

Teacher:  Mandi Roberts
Grade Level: 2nd
Subject(s): Humanities
Education: Georgia Institute of Technology
Church Name: Rock Point Community Church
Why I love teaching: I enjoy inspiring students to reach their God-given potential. I take pleasure in presenting material in clear, concise, and creative ways to help students engage with the curriculum as well as with their Creator.

Grade 3 Humanities /3rd-4th Science

Teacher: Buffi Crouch
Grade: 3rd Humanities / 4th Grade Math / 3rd-4th Science
Subject(s): Humanities, Science
Education: Lenoir-Rhyne University
Church: Woodland Park Baptist Church
Why I love to teach: Teaching is in my heart. I want to see my students develop a love for learning. I want to walk with them to the edge of understanding, and then watch as they cross over. I want to see each child come to love God's Word and His World for what He meant it to be at its Creation.

Grades 5-6 Humanities

Teacher: Carrie Dicks
Grade Level: 5/6
Subject(s): Grammar, Literature, and Vocabulary
Education: Samford University, Bard College
Church Name: North Shore Fellowship
Why I love teaching: Teaching reading and writing holds a special place in my heart, for through these actions students can better understand God's glory, His creation, and themselves. The study of treasured literature and the craft of writing help put our beautiful, broken world into perspective, with Christ at the center. 

Grades 5-6 Humanities /High School Science

Teacher:Tekla Currie
Grade Level: 5th-6th High School
Subject(s): 5th-6th History / High School Biology and Chemistry
Education: B.S. Education, Liberty University
Church Name: Peavine Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: God has made each person with an incredible capacity for learning.  As a teacher, I get to witness the growth of each child’s mind, as they absorb and comprehend the knowledge and wisdom God gives to them, each through their own individual process.  I love to learn, and pray I can encourage life long learners.

Grades 5-6 Humanities / High School Spanish

Teacher: Ariel Dicks
Grade Level: 5 / 6 and HS
Subject(s): Humanities, Science, Spanish (I and II)
Education: B.S. in Biology with Secondary Education Certification
Church Name: Woodland Park Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: Teaching is a wonderful opportunity to directly invest in the future generations as we are called to do in the Scriptures. Teaching goes beyond the subject matter, teaching the students essential life skills in the process of teaching content.

Grade 7-8 Humanities /Math

Teacher: Amy O'Rear
Grade Level: 7th-8th English, 5th and 7th Math
Subject: EnglishMath
Education: Pensacola Christian College, The University of Tennessee
Church: Grace Baptist Church
Why I love to teach: I believe that teaching is a gift that God has given me, so it brings me great joy to use this gift for His glory. In all my teaching, I am passionate about encouraging students to think deeply and biblically.

Grade 7-8 Humanities

Teacher: Heather Malone
Grades: 7-8
Subject(s): History, Bible, and Speech
Education: The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Church: Red Bank Baptist Church
Why I teach: Interacting with students and seeing where God will take us in our studies is only the beginning of the story. God reveals himself through His word and His creation. The opportunity to share this with students is a true privilege and blessing. I also enjoy seeing students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills.

Grades 7-8 Science

Teacher: Wendy Steele
Grade Level: 7-8
Subject(s): Science
Education: St. Leo University
Church Name: Woodland Park Baptist Church
Why I love teaching: I love being a part of each student's journey of learning and discovering how God made each of us unique.  I am passionate about creating a fun learning environment that encourages independence and growth while exploring The Lord's hand in HIStory.

Grades 9-12 / English

Teacher: Allison Haupert
Grade Level: 9-12th
Subject(s): English
Education: B.A. English literature, Bryan College; M.A. English (rhetoric and composition), University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Church Name: Calvary Chapel Chattanooga
Why I love teaching: Teaching is a great way to invest in the lives of young people while also learning so much in the process. God can use any subject on any day for His glory, and by infusing a biblical worldview into every assignment and class, we come to know Him better.

Grades 9-12 / Bible, History, Logic

Teacher: Brian Dicks
Grade Level: 9-12
Subjects: Bible, History, Rhetoric
Why I love to teach: 

Middle School / High School Math

Teacher: Leslie Dearman 
Grade Level: Middle School / High School
Subject: Geometry and Algebra II
Education: North Carolina State University
Church Name: Red Bank Baptist Church
Why I Love Teaching: I love to teach math because I love to help guide students as they work hard to gain and use critical thinking and problem solving skills to logically find solutions and understand mathematical concepts.


Teacher: Linda Ballard
Grade Level: Middle School / High School
Subject: Math
Education: Bryan College and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Church: Dallas Bay Baptist Chruch
Why I love teaching: "Mathematics is the alphabet of the universe."--Galileo
I enjoy teaching math and helping students to use prior knowledge to make connections with new topics.  I enjoy teaching students to think in a more complex way and recognize the many ways that we all use math every day!

Math and Science

Teacher: Chrystal Burge
Grade Level: 3rd Grade / High School Science
Subject: 3rd Grade Math / Physical Science
Education: Mississippi State University
Church: Red Bank Baptist Church
Why I love teaching:Teaching is an incredibly rewarding job and one that I am passionate about. I love working with students of all ages. Not only are we encouraging lifelong learners, but we are also strengthening our students' desire to learn all about God's glorious creation. 

High School Math

Teacher: Beth Wheatcroft
Grade Level: High School
Subject: Algebra I
Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Church: Calvary Chapel Chattanooga
Why I love teaching: I love teaching for the relationships. High school years are full of so much life, change, challenge, and preparation for big steps in new directions, and I have always hoped to pass along the mentorship that the Lord so blessed me with during that season of my life. Math has always been enjoyable to me and my hope has always been to pass that along to students. It is so exciting to see students "get something" rather than simply memorizing and to watch them grown in confidence. 


Teacher: Nancy Carter
Grade Level: K-12
Subject(s): Art
Education: Covenant College
Church Name: Calvary Chapel Chattanooga
Why I love teaching: I am a lover of art. I also has an affinity for kids, nature and beautiful things. I began my study of art when I was ten and took my first Art History course through Calvert School. Over the years, I continued my art education not only thorough books, but by traveling the world to see and make art in many countries. In college, I studied  Art and English, as well as earning certification to teach.  Since then, I have taught in many types of classrooms and to a large variety of students. I also continues to study art myself and am currently enjoying a drawing class with one of my children. I is thankful that the God of the Bible is one who has called on me to share art with others.